We are Roseto.

Roseto Group broadened out over time to provide its clients with a wider range of services. Over the years the team has become closer also thanks to its inspiring environment.
Team Office Department
Team Office Assistant
Emily Persichella
Process & Operation Department
Process & Operation Manager
Rocco Roggia
Interior Design Department
Interior Decorator
Manuela Bellin
Maria Paola Pizzaferri
Property & Hospitality Department
Property Manager
Alessandro Lovato
Property Specialist
Gaetano Mirabile
Hospitality Manager
Giulia Marabotti
Marketing and Communications Department
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
Brigitte Michiko Bürger
Facility Department
Facility Manager
Valerio Prinzo
Facility Specialist
Sergio Salomoni
Simon Guirguis
Board of Directors
Andrea Pasquali
Chief Executive Officer
Giuseppe A. Sciarrillo
Chief Executive Officer
Michele Columpsi